Instructions on driving a pontoon boat rental.

1 Sit in the seat behind the steering wheel and turn the motor on. For most motors, this involves turning a key and lifting the choke so the motor receives sufficient gas to run.

2 Engage the throttle in forward or reverse, depending on where you are going. The throttle is a hand lever next to the driver’s seat. Pushing it forward will cause the boat to move forward. Pulling it backward will cause the boat to move in reverse. If you go in reverse, do so only long enough until you can go forward. Even more so than other boats, pontoons are not made to go in reverse.

3 Decide where you want to go and select your desired speed using the throttle. Pushing the throttle down will accelerate the boat. The more vertical the throttle is, the slower the boat will move.

4 Trim the motor up slightly, if your motor has a trim/tilt feature. This will make the motor easier to turn and save gas. Trim/tilt is controlled by a switch that is typically located on the handle of the throttle and can be manipulated with your thumb.

5 Drive straight into waves. Pontoons generally do not perform as well in rough conditions as some other boats, but driving straight into waves will reduce the amount of water that is splashed into the boat.

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